No Presto 3.7 listed in the Software AG Installer for Windows 2003 Server OS


I would like to confirm if the Software AG Installer checks the environment first before listing the products that can be installed.

This is because when I tried to install Presto 3.7 on a machine with Windows 7 (64-bit) OS, Presto 3.7 is listed for products to be installable. But when using the Software AG Installer on a machine with Windows 2003 Server OS, Presto 3.7 is not listed on the products that can be installed.

Note that for both environments, the following were selected on the release section of the installer:

Products: webMethods
Release: webMethods 9.6

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


We try to keep our supported platforms aligned with the actively supported platforms of other third-parties. Windows Server 2003 is out of standard support mode.

You can find the comprehensive list of our actively supported platform configurations here: