No able to find pub.web.getNextNode service

Hi All,

We are using WM 7.1. We are having xml file, which we need to read node by node and modify data in some nodes.

I have come to know that WM provide pub.web.getNextNode service to read xml node by node.

But when i tries to search this in wmPublic package, I am not able to find it. Does anybody knows where it is located or do I need to install any patch for this?

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The service you have mentioned is internal IS service, which cant be accessed by normal admin user.
have you checked the services in WmPublic/pub.xml?
You should try these services - pub.xml:getXMLNodeIterator and pub.xml:getNextXMLNode.


Thank you Deepan,

I tried with pub.xml:getXMLNodeIterator and pub.xml:getNextXMLNode services. They are working fine. But now I want to update changes i made in xml Node back to xml file.

How can I update this node in my original xml file?

Mayur Bhawar

you should be able to do this with xml/string operations.
convert the node to xml strings
concat all xml strings (each corresponds to different node)
convert the final xml string back to xml node.

I don’t know if any other simple way to do this exists.