NFS file support in Integration server

Hi All,

I have a requirement in that I have to read a file which is located in server that is NFS based. How to access the file from that server. Does IS support NFS protocol? if yes, how to do that?. Please suggest your idea. Thanks.


Hi Mohankumar,

As i know, IS does not support NFS protocol.
in my case, mounted NFS filesystem to IS server.


Thanks NamHoon,

How did you mount NFS to integration server? Can you please share with me? Have you mounted NFS into IS or OS where IS installed?



I mean OS where IS installed.
OS admin did mounting works.


I am not a Admin person. Can you please tell me how to mount into OS and other settings required in IS to get better idea for development.


Hi Mohan,

If its UNIX - Ideally mounting of NFS file system or any file system in your server should be taken care by your system administrator( assuming apps admin normally do not have access outside of their file system where solution is hosted). If you have access then refer the man page of mount command and you can mount the NFS file system along you can make it boot persistent by adding into your mnttab ( or whatever applicable in your version of UNIX) …

For Windows – you need to map the shared location to server where IS is hosted…

Hope this help!


There are many ways depends on OS type.

  • samba for linux
  • CIFS for windows
  • NFS daemon for UNIX.

After mounting NFS to OS where IS installed, it’s a just local filesystem or directoy.
so you don’t need to change anything by Integration Server side.


I understand… Thanks NamHoon & Manish