New Version and copying of associations


Please can somebody explain the CentraSiteVersioning feature(SourceDeepCopy, TargetDeepCopy etc). The documentation seems to be lacking the details here.

I’m having a problem where a new version is not reflecting the ‘Referenced by …’ associations from prev version. It only displays the ‘References …’ associations. (The new version was created with ‘Share related repository objects with the previous version’ option.

I hope this (copying) feature can be customized using the CentraSiteVersioning. Please can somebody throw more light on this.


Each association is predefined (via classification) with a method how to handle the source and target object during Versioning. These are the values SourceDeepCopy, SourceShallowCopy, TargetDeepCopy, TargetShallowCopy.
However those defaults may be changed during a Versioning operation. For example you may specify with the ‘overwrite()’ method: (“Uses”, SourceDeepCopy, TargetShallowCopy)

Hi Asc,

Thanks for your response.

However, i’m still not able to make it work. I changed the default classification of the associationtype in CS Control, (changed the classification to SourceDeepCopy … and infact tried all the classifications), however the new version does not reflect the ‘Referenced By objects …’. It only shows the ‘References objects …’

Is it possible that the ‘Referenced by …’ associations is not part of current object (that is being versioned) in the registry and that’s why it’s not copying it to the new version?

Any documentation that can provide more details on this versioning functionality?


Hi Asc,

I was playing more on the versioning classification for each associationtype.

Now, my understanding is that SourceDeepCopy, SourceShallowCopy, TargetDeepCopy, TargetShallowCopy classifications control the copying of associations into the new version being created.

However, my confusion is regarding the radiobutton options on the new version popup. Here we can ‘Specify type of copy:’ as either of

  1. Copy related repository objects from previous version
  2. Share related repository objects with previous version
  3. Add related objects later

Now if versioning classification of each associationtype controls the copy of new objects, what does the above options is used for? This seems to be conflicting to me.

Please help.


These types are used for controlling the “versioning” of the repository resources. For example the Service type is complex graph of objects and repository resources, such as XML schema objects.

  1. Copy: in this case all webdav resources get “versioned”, copied and the new external link points to the new webdav resource
    2)Share: the webdav resource will not be copied, and the new external link points to the only resource
    3)Add later: Same as 2), however the new external link will not be in the version history of the old one, means no version association gets set.

Sorry for answering so late