New to Webmethods9.7


I am WebLogic/WAS administration. Just received new project where I need to learn integration technology Webmethods 9.6/9.7. I am completely unaware on it. So please let me know how to start, its architecture, videos, tutorials.

Please share the link for the above.



Explore the free trail at

And also read the documentations from SAG and there are tutorials available on the same site and even on youtube.

Personally I found inadequate perhaps best to say NO documentation, samples, Best practice and quick start etc. by Software AG webMethods. Yes there is obviously some stuff posted by community which worth mention and good. But when compared with other platform providers like MuleSoft, Tibco, Oracle -eTRM etc. they have very much detailed videos, how-to, documentation in public domain which I don’t see a case with webMethods.

While going through few posts, I see a mention of Empower. Does at least Software AG Empower has good level of samples, how-to? If not I guess there must be some other provision if someone can highlight that will be great!

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You can find SAG documentation in the below link


webMethods tutorials and videos are becoming public nowadays and remember its just a start. Browse youtube for code videos on webMethods. Refer the SAG tech community for code samples.

At last the thumb rule is to read and understand the SAG documentation as it covers all the information.

Any questions??

Thank you Mahesh and Baharul.

I had seen these documents and links before. Honestly, it gives an idea and basic start. However I couldn’t find details related to below queries - I apologies for long list of queries.

  1. How to rename the file and append specific tag (e.g. Order, Invoice, etc. ) when extracted using file polling mechanism
  2. How to create a java component and call inside flow
  3. How to use JAXB Unmarshall and Marshall to transform xml to java and vice versa
  4. How to configure RabbitMQ connection to send messages
  5. How to send AMQP (Advanced Message Queue Protocol) message - which is somewhat similar to JMS

I understand with every new tool there is learning curve. Seems with WM the learning curve is quite high.

It will be great should you please provide few pointers, posts etc. on above queries. Once again thanks.


It seems you have lot of questions :slight_smile: which sound valid and meaningful to me. Here are my answers

  1. It is possible but you have to build a flow logic to do this, do you already have the file polling setup in webMethods?
  2. Refer the service development guide for creating java services in webMethods
  3. Need more information on this, what exactly you want to do with the xml file?
  4. Refer MQ adapter guide and check if it suports RabitMQ server, if yes we have put adapter service to send message to queue.
  5. We have a build service to send message to JMS queue or topic, refer built in service guide.

BTW currently you work on which middle-ware tool? This question is for my understanding only :slight_smile:

Finally this video dedicated to you