Nested XML Mapping

Hi…I’m trying to perform a nested map from a Record Ref that contains a Record List within a Record List to an identical structure. I am attempting to map XML data. The first service I call is a documentToRecord to get that data as BoundNode. This works fine. I then map the BoundNode to a RecordRef that contains the structure I want. This also works fine. Note that this structure contains @, *, and : symbols.

I then want to pass this data over the bridge to Enterprise, however Enterprise does not like the @, *, and : characters. So I attempt to perform one final map step from my orginal RecordRef that contains those special chars to an identical RecordRef that contains no special chars.

So the header and first level mapping seems to work fine, however the second level does not get mapped at all. As an example, both my RecRefs look as follows (I’ve used -----> to show nesting):

header (rec)
---->sender (field)
---->receiver (field)
---->detail level 1 (rec list)
--------->status (field)
--------->date (field)
--------->detail level 2 (rec list)
-------------->item (field)
-------------->qty (field)

The only difference between the 2 RecRefs is the special characters and for some reason none of the “detail level 2” is getting mapped. Note that I am trying to do this with a single MAP step. I tried LOOPs as well and was also unsuccessful. Does anyone have any ideas? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


The following logic with loops should work.

Outer Loop (InArray= detail level 1_in, OutArray= detail level1_out)

Inner Loop (InArray=detail level 2_in, OutArray = detaillevel2_out without special characters)

Map step inside the Inner Loop

Let me know if you are willing to send me your flow. I can take a quick look at it and see what is the mistake. It may be difficult to resolve something like this over email.