Need to set Http proxy for XML parser to get DOCTYPE uri

I learned that the Tamino XML parser needs to resolve DOCTYPE URIs in my XHTML documents in order to save the file. It was uploaded via webdav server. The tamino server has no access to internet especially to…. to get the DTD.
That breaks loading a XHTML file into the webdav server (Linux
Can I setup Tamino to use our http proxy??

I dont really need Tamino to parse the XHTML files. I just want to store them as-is in a webdav folder…

Hello Armin,

you could give following store parameters a try:


If the xhtml schema would not exist in Tamino, the content would be stored in the nonXML area. This should solve your requirements.
Please note, that text documents are de-/en-coded by Tamino, even, if stored in the nonXML area.

Best regards