need to read HTML content whose extension is xls

We need your kind help to resolve the below issue.

Our Requirement is to read a xls File but the actual content present in that xls file is html content. So whenever we try to read the excel file through a java service. We are getting the Java.biff.exception.
Please find the excel attachment, when you try to open it, you will getting the below error.

When you open the same file in notepad, you could able to see the content in HTML type.

So we need solution for the above issue.

We are excepting the solution in two ways,

First we should try convert the html content into xls.

Otherwise we should write a java service to read this kind of file whose extension is of xls and content is in HTML. And that java service should produce the string list output.

Kindly help us to Resolve the same.

you can try this way…They are sending in XLS file mean still it can be parsed as comma separated flatfile and read HTTP content in flatfile

can you attach a sample file for the members to find out how data is sent in xls file