Need information on how "currentTaskExtended.processArchived" works. / Some old task not deleted and is causing some issues to our Performance Testing Environment

General Knowledge about MWS task and purging

We are using all license copies

We’ve below in our MWS>Administration>Business>Task Engine Administration>Manage Global Schedule Rules

([“completed”, “cancelled”, “expired”, “error”] contains #{currentTask.taskInfo.status}) && (#{currentTaskExtended.processArchived}) && keepDays

Can anyone tell us more about “currentTaskExtended.processArchived”.The documentation only says “The condition #{currentTaskExtended.processArchived} specifies that the task is
allowed to be deleted if the business process owning a task is archived. This condition
checks the Process Audit database schema for the presence of the process that owns the

Anyone available to help? At least (I wish that I need not go to this level of webMethods but old data still present). Can someone explain how currentTaskExtended.processArchived works?

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