Need information about the MAP/Help routine

Hi All,

I am fairly new to natural world and this is my first time to visit this forum. I have couple of questions in my mind.Let me start with the Map and Helproutine stuffs.

While creating a map there are many delimeters available (say +,(,:…).
When to use which delimiter for field defination.
Also the attribute definations.

  1. Any standard guidelines for Helproutine creation?
    How to attach the Helproutine with Map (at Map level, field Level).
    I guess simply HE='Helproutine name" is not all to use the help routine.

Thanks In Advance.


First observation; you need a Natural class. Management has apparently decided not to provide you with same; you should ask for it.

Delimiters on the Map allow you to specify whether a field is :

           AD=A   Input only
               =M   Modifiable
               =O   Output only

There should be no question about when to use each. This is not a “Natural” thing, it is a screen design issue.

In addition, Delimiters allow you to specify whether fields are intensified (I) or non displayable (N). Again,these are design issues.

You can also specify colors using delimiters. Once more, screen design issues.

Helproutines are a special case of subprograms. You can pass other variables to/from a helproutine besides the variable for which the helproutine is assigned to. As you noted, there are field and map level help options. “Attaching” a helproutine to a field is done in the extended editor (there is an HE entry); attaching a helproutine to a Map is done on the “Define Map Settings” screen.


Hi Steve,

I am not totally new to Natural world. I am in this world for last 2 years. But never got much oppurtunity to work in Online part of any project. Mostly I was into batch Natural.

But recently I am put into a new assignment, where I have to work in Natural Screens and Helproutines.

I have little knowledge in Natural online side.

Just avoid the confusions I raised the question.

Thanks Much for your information.


Wow, map questions. It