Difference between Helpmap and Helproutine?

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This is a basic one…as I am new to Natural/ADABAS.

What is the difference between Helpmap and Helproutine in Natural?


Please check the documentation section using below software ag site and you would get all the information. If you have still any question then shout back,


It seem like it would be easier to just answer the question…

Anyway, a Help Map is just a map that you edit using the map editor. It usually doesn’t have much logic associated with it, its usually just text. A helproutine is a type of subprogram that you edit using the program editor. It usually includes logic to display the help, like reading a list of values for display in the help window.

So, if you just want to display static help text, use a help map. If you need to do database IO to display some values in the help, use a helproutine.

Thanks Daniel for clearing the picture.

Thanks to you 2 Venkatesan for sending the link.