Help Routine Parameters in Maps


We are currently moving our code to a new module and have new naming conventions to follow. Becuase of this we are unable to fit the parameter names (to a help routine) within the available lines. Therefore currently using a simpler version of the help routine with fewer parameters. I would like to know if there is any way to extend the no:of lines available for entering Help Routine Parameters in Maps?

Thanks in advance! gB

I presume you are already working with the extended Help area (rather than the single line). If so, there is no way to expand the area any further in the Map editor. That leaves several options.

If the fields in the original LDA (in the program), could be “grouped”, you could do something like:

             1 #PASSER (A50)
             1 REDEFINE #PASSER
                2 #LONG-NAME-ONE (A3)
                2 #LONG-NAME-TWO (A12)

Then, in the specification for the Helproutine, you pass just one argument, #PASSER. In the Helproutine, you then REDEFINE #PASSER in the PDA.

Another possibility is to get the naming convention Police to relax the naming conventions when they conflict with system constraints (as here).

One other possibility (not really as pretty as the first (above) ) is to code the map with “dummy names” and when you invoke the Map, pass the names that obey the naming conventions.


Thanks, we going with the 1st approach of grouping the parameters