NATURAL Map - Parameter Passing to Helproutine

I need to pass 10 parameters to a helproutine from a field on the NATURAL Map.

When I am doing the extended field editing for the field, it gives me just two lines of extra space (After trying the “+” or “.E” on the field). I can

Can you REDEFINE the variable names?

If the answer is no, do you have any authority to “play” with the variables definitions? If so, you could create a variable that is a concatenation of the required variables.

For example:

1 #COMP (A20)
2 #first-argument (a12)
2 #second-argument (a8)

Now you require just one five letter name in the map rather than two very long names.

Other alternatives:

Instead of having INPUT USING MAP ‘MAP1’ in your program, pass the variables to the Map; e.g. INPUT USING MAP ‘MAP1’ #longname1 #longname2 #longname3 etc. In the Map use “dummy” names like #a #b #c etc. Ten arguments would take just thirty characters and would easily fit.

Finally, you could cut and paste the map into your program (assuming it is one and not many, which would be an administrative nightmare), and use all the long names you want.