Need Help


I want to write a program that have the following specifications.

  1. It will read the input file(ps)
  2. It contains three fields(policy number,zone id, name)

In the ADABAS the three fields defined as AB, AC,AD


I want to read this policy number

and I have to go to the ADABAS(the file id is 055) and I have to search the policy number in the ADABAS in the corresponding input file.

If match found I want write this out file as PS.

Due to I am new to ADABAS I am unable to find what to

Could you please any body can give the Skelton for this

It is highly helpful to me

Thanks in advance.

Hi Subba,
in which programming language do you write?

The platform is Z/OS, Adabas version 8.1 ?

Kind regards,
Marbod Mueller

The Platform is Z/OS.


And what about the programming language ?

Hello Subba,
you can find Cobol and Assembler language example snippets in the Adabas command reference manual

Kind regards,
Marbod Mueller