Reading adabas file through more than one key

Hi All,

I have a file and have some keys for this file .

For example,

keys are A, B , C, D

I want to read the file through all these different different keys. I need a filtered result.

Can someone help me to know the best way to do so pleaseeeeeeee…

You have four descriptor fields, A, B, C, D.

Does four READ LOGICAL loops not meet your requirement?

What exactly does " I need a filtered result. " mean to you?

maybe FIND is the command you need…

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Hi Matthias,

Thanks a lottt… I got the nested find statement from the link that you gave and this is what I needed… Thanks a lot… :slight_smile:

Best you share your code with the DBA though to tune this. FIND statements are most like SQL in their power. You’ll get what you need, but sometimes at great cost to the database.