Need Help running asynch


We have a cobol program that invoke natural asynch.
Somehow, we always get “nt06 - send attempted without a terminal”.
Probably, we do not get a valid terminal id fron natural.
How can we fix it?


Async tasks are not allowed to issue terminal writes i.e. write/display/print to printer 0.

Hi Hezi,

Normally programs running in asynch mode should not WRITE / DISPLAY to a terminal. Nonetheless output can be intercepted by redirecting it, p.ex. to a Cics transient data destination.

The manual says: "Make sure that appropriate SENDER and OUTDEST destinations are specified for an asynchronous Natural session; otherwise, any output (for example, unexpected error messages) will lead to an abnormal termination. "

At our site we set LOGDEST=NLOG in the NCIPARM member and we set SENDER=NLOG at start-up of asynchronous sessions. NLOG points to a CICS transient data destination.