Need help on basics


I started to look into wm from last 3 days with evaluation edition and we are trying to do a proof of concept for the integration between Siebel and SAP.

Pl. excuse my ignorence.

Trying to create customer at SAP by sending the info from siebel.

  1. Created a service which in terms invokes SAP-BAPI, tested from developer and it created customer number.

  2. Tried to invoke the same service from Siebel using escript but the return msg getting null object. The below code is similar one used to test :

var b2bResponse = COMCreateObject(“webMethods.Values”);
TheApplication().MsgBox("B2B Response Count: (Before) "+b2bResponse.count); // getting count 0
b2bResponse=myContext.invoke “wm.siebel.admin.TestServices”,“echoTest”,b2bInputRecord;
TheApplication().MsgBox("B2B Response Count: (After) "+b2bResponse.count); //looses object type here. The object becomes undefined.

Could some one suggest that how should we approach ?

  1. Another question is that – since we are having difficulty with eScript, tried to create a dll and do the call to the webMethods – here couldn’t figure out , how to pass values to a record of the service.

Let me explain in detail:

wm service having three records as pipeline input, for ex: first one is PI_ADDRESS and it contains STREETADDR, FIRSTNAME,LASTNAME,etc and also it was having a pipeline output with RETURN as record with MESSAGE, NUMBER, etc

from vb :

Public vSAPAccntName As Variant ’ siebel will pass the value
Public vAccntAttn As Variant 'siebel will pass the value


WebValues.put wSAPAccntName, vSAPAccntName
WebValues.put wAccntAttn, vAccntAttn

After connected, … invoked the service

Set WebResponseValues = WebConnect.Invoke(“demo”, “RFCZBAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATEFORSIEBEL”, WebValue)

Trying to get the return msg:

wSAPErrMsg = WebResponseValues.get(“RETURN-MESSAGE”)

– not getting any reply, I suspect of passing values to webmethod was wrong since they are in a record, I may need to some thing else – could some one pl. help?