Need Details About Installation of Active Transfer Server

Hi Team,

we need to install webMethods Active transfer server and its Gateway in order to configure MFT in MWS.

we went through the PDF “Manage File Transfer with Active Transfer” . Understood that inorder to configure “Active File Transfer” in MWS, it is required to install both server and gateway in IS. But the PDF did not have much information on installation of ATS(Active Transfer Server) in Integration Server 8.2. So now we are in need of how to install the ATS in IS 8.2.

we have tried to access the empower document for installing it but we are not able to get the document as we dont have access. It would be much helpful if any pointers or any one provide the document for installing the same.

Thanks in Advance. It would be highly appreciated if any one can help us:):slight_smile:


Customers have access to all webMethods documentation available through Empower. Are you not part of the customer organization?