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I am wondering if there is a posibility to transform model changing only its .ndf content. My current job is model transformation, great load of info, that takes lots of time. I am looking for .ndf manual that would allow to unerstand its structure of this file (basics, model level) that would allow to transform code and upload rewed files directly to the server.

Please help. If such source exists please share links, if what was described by me has no sens as well let me know not to waste time on such investigations.


Hi there,
Unfortunately the .ndf file is considered a private implementation and we don’t officially support editing this file directly. The risk being that you could corrupt the service.
However I am the product manager for integration and microservices so I would be very interested to know what you would like to see in this space that would help you to do your work, what kind of workflow and tools would help you ?

John Carter
Product Manager @ Software AG

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In addtion to Johns answer you might want to consider opening a feature request at Brainstorm for this.
Brainstorm can be reached via Empower.


It would be instructive to identify the specifics of what led you to want to edit an .ndf directly rather than use the UI. It could help the product team evolve the UI to make the activity more efficient.

For example, in FLOW services, mapping is a tedious set of clicks and drags. For documents with more than a few fields, it is downright carpal-tunnel inducing. :slight_smile: It would be nice to be able to quickly type or cut/paste field names to be mapped rather than clicking/dragging.

Perhaps you can describe the details of what you’re doing and how the model editor inhibits or makes it harder than desired.


Thanks Rob,

I maybe the PM for Integration, but I am also a developer and actively develop packages/tools using webMethods so I feel your pain when it comes to mapping, sometimes they keyboard is a better choice. We will start to germinate lots of new ideas in relation to our dev tooling to come. So we welcome as much feedback as possible in this area.

I might submit a BrainStorm item for this one too, but thought I’d share here – have Designer support copy/paste in more scenarios. Particularly for adapter services – field names, allow copy even when not locked, etc. Copy from results pane to more targets. E.g. field names from a doc in results to field names in a DB adapter tab.

I’m sure other folks have things on their wish lists too. :slight_smile:

(Apologies for being off-topic with this thread – I’ll stop here!)

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if possible please move this topic to brainstorm zone, I do not know how to do it. Thanks in advance.


Hi Pawel,

direct moving is not possible.

You will have to open a new brainstorm idea.

You can login to Empower and the navigate to the “Feature Request” section from there to access the Brainstorm Portal.


@haladinho If you do submit a request via Brainstorm I would encourage that the description be about how the UI falls short in some way and possibilities to improve it. I would hope the request would not simply be to allow direct editing of the .ndf file.

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