NaturalOne Classes Support

We are in the buying process of the NaturalOne product. In the meantime, I am trying the Community Edition and I found that there are no choice to create classes. I could create Programs, Subprograms, Data, Parameter, Subroutines, etc. But I couldn’t find a choice to create classes.
The only way I found was to change the file extension to a program object (from .nsp to .ns4)
Is this a bug?

Thanks in advance.


You are right, building Natural classes is currently not available in NaturalONE. We are checking when to provide this functionality.


Even when classes are not yet supported. I could use them by creating a program and modifying its file extension. After that, I found 2 problems:

  1. Properties are not supported.
  2. BY VALUE Return Parameters not recognized.

If you don’t need to use Properties and by value return parameters it works ok. Unfortunately I need to use them.

Hope the support will be added soon.