Good morning,

I’m trying define a CLASS but the documentation regarding this is very poor. How do I create a class and use that class in programs.
Coming from a Java environment the Natural class definition is rather complex. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just some background, the class I want to create will be to address the personnel file, so a person would therefore be a class, which will make the system much more streamlined and, just in my opinion, much easier to maintain since the class would not need to be changed, just used.

Many thanks in advance

Have a look in the documentation at the Natural statements METHOD and SEND METHOD. There are examples regarding a CLASS definition.

The source code of CLASS examples can be found in the Natural example libraries SYSEXSYN and SYSEXRM.

Thanks Helmut,

I will have look in the example lib SYSEXSYN (the SYSEXRM in our environment is empty).