Natural V912 and additional fixes


Just for info, you need additional fixes if you installed Natural V912 on Windows.

Where and how do you get these fixes ?

Fixes for Natural ONE 912 are applied using the Software AG Update Manager.

Documentation is at:

Software AG Update Manager 11.0 is a standalone tool that you use to manage fixes and support patches for Software AG Products release version 10.5 and higher.

You need to get it from the Software Download Center on Empower

Software AG Update Manager Bootstrapper
The Using Software AG Update Manager guide is available at

Software AG Update Manager Bootstrapper to install Update Manager 11 for October 2019 product releases (Apama and webMethods 10.5, BigMemory Max 4.3.8, Adabas and Natural) and later

Then you need to install the SUM.

Then you need to execute the SUM As ADMINISTRATOR or ER , and point it to your Natural ONE Directory. It is similar to the SAG Installer.



If you click the HELP button and then ABOUT , you should see the fixes applied behind the VERSION number ex.

Feedback :

Can we get a BATCH file that shuts down all the Software AG running processes on Windows please ? The UPDATER stopped multiple times yesterday, with messages that says , you still have Software AG PID’s active and we can not apply the updates :


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