Natural, RPC, WebServer

HI. Help to solve a problem… It is necessary to make WEBSERVER.
Broker, apache2 it is installed on SUSE 9. RPC Service it is installed on Windows XP.
When simultaneously 2 Users processing of query from the second passes on URL on webserver that does not begin until then yet processing of query from the first user will not end and it is necessary that transaction processing occured independently.
How it to make???
That is set up not correctly???

What RPC server are you using? Do you have more than 1 RPC server running? (You can verify this from System Management Hub). Most of the RPC servers allow you to specify more than one. For Natural RPC Server on Windows, you need to start additional instances - each will need a unique ETID (or set ETID to blank) - configure one Natparm member and on your startup, override the ETID.