NATURAL Remote Procedure Call - Client Maintenance


I keep getting an 00070007 Service not registered message when I issue a ping (PI) command to a server that I added in SYSRPC.

What else do I need to ask my system administrator to configure so that my RPC starts and has services available?

The environment is Z/OS, ADABAS, and Natural 3.1


A service requires a server to run. It may be a Natural RPC server running in batch, TSO, CICS or on Windows or it can be a Java RPC server in Unix or Windows, a .Net RPC server in Windows or a C-type RPC server running in Windows or Unix.

So, first you need to know what your service is making available to your clients - then a server can be configured. Within the environment (all mainframe), an RPC server doesn’t have much meaning: you need a service to offer and a client to use it.

In your service centre environment that uses EntireX Security, you will need authorization from the administrator to establish a server as well as authorization for your client processes to use the service.

Douglas Kelly,
Principal Consultant
Software AG, Inc

Thanks Douglas.

We have a test project working now.