Natural One CE for Mac

Hi everyone,

Is there a version of Natural One CE for Mac OS available for download? Or it exists just for Windows?


The Empower website lists only Windows and Linux as supported operating systems for ONE. The Community Edition of ONE is for Windows, as are the CEs for Natural and Adabas.

You might want to look at BootCamp or VMware Fusion which will run Windows Operating Systems and any Windows software.




Yeap, for sure.

I´ve been using Parallels which virtualize Windows 7 over Mac for a couple years, but the performance has been decreasing throughout the years.
My Mac is old, it has already 7 years. My idea was to run NatOne on Mac instead of virtualized Windows to improve the performance.

Thak you all.

The most current ONE-CE is available on Win und Linux. Thats differnt than in the past.
Kind regards