Natural on a new Mac

Now that the new Macs are Intel based, and one can access Wintel applications, I am considering getting a new Mac (always preferred them to PCs) to replace my aging desktop PC.

Has anyone installed Adabas/Natural on one of the new Macs? Any problems?


It has been about seven months since I first posted this. Since most people tend to scan just the new postings, I thought I would repeat the request. Has anyone installed Natural/Adabas on one of the intel chip Macs? Theoretically, this should work, but I would hate to buy a Mac and discover that for whatever reason Natural will not function in this environment.


In view of the fact that you have not had any response to your query, I will comment (for what its worth), that I did hear of someone installing VM on the Mac and then successfully installing Natural in a Windows session there.

Hi Gary;

Do you have contact info (name, e-mail) for the brave soul?

I origionally said pio neer (as one word), but for some reason this word is blocked by the Forum.



I wish I could help. I have asked around but no-one is “owning up”. It may have been someone I was talking to at the SPUG meeting last year.

Hi Steve, The best way to know is to check with distribution if there is even a license key for the product/platform.

Thanks TCarl,

However, it would just be the Windows XP license key (assuming everything works properly.


It has been about a year since my last post on this subject. Plenty of time for some brave soul to try installing Natural for the PC on a Mac that runs the Intel chip.

Anyone out there try this yet?


This has been on my list of

Hi Steve,

When looking at the MacApple architecture I find the following.

  1. Intel CPU is used now
  2. The operating system is based on Unix, not on Windows.

Therefore trying to install the software will fail, as the operating system is not Windows. Trying to install and run the software in a VM emulating Windows should work, however I fave not tried this and this would not be a supported configuration.


Best Regards,

Hi Michael;

There are two software products I am aware of, Parallels and VmWare, that are important to this question.

They do not emulate windows. Instead, they provide an environment whereby you can install, for example, Windows XP Pro, or Vista. Then you can install wintel software. So you are actually running under windows, not Mac OSX.

There is also a company that is providing a dual boot system, so you can actually boot the Mac with a windows operating system. I have not checked into this yet, but what I have read indicates it is not as user friendly as Parallels or VmWare. It looks like if you boot as a PC, and want to run Mac software, you would have to reboot; same if you boot as a Mac and want to run pc software. With Parallels and VM ware, you can just go back and forth without rebooting.

If the documentation for VmWare and Parallels is correct (BIG IF), there should not be an issue regarding whether a configuration is supported other than whether the PC operating system you install is supported.

If anyone is out there who has tried this configuration, please enlighten the forum readers.


Hi Steve,

In some situations we are using VMWare and run WIndows or Linux under VMWare.

Best Regards,