NATURAL Interface

I have situation here and collecting ideas from everyone.

Let me describe the scenario. I work for Child Support. An applicant applies for benefits. We collect her/his SSN (Social Security Number) and we need to verify that the applicant is legitimate and not cheating. For this purpose we need to interface with files of other departments, such DMV, Dept of Labour etc etc. can anybody shed some lights on this subject?

How would I access the external file, even if the external database is an ADABAS. I need my program to ’ go and get’ the record for that
particular SSN.

Thank you

Any help would be highly appreciated

Jamil Ahmad

Do you have EntireX (CrossVision)? That’s what we use to get data from other platforms or systems.

Thank you very much. I do not know if they have EntireX at this site. I am new here. I will ask the manager and post it to you

Hi Jamil;

I am guessing that you work for a State agency. Does your state have a centralized group of DBAs for Adabas/Natural, or do the major departments have their own DBAs? If the former, it should be easy (technically) for you to obtain access to other Adabas files. That said, the real problem might be administratively to obtain permission to access the files. Many states are real fiefdoms as far as data processing goes, and departments do not like to share.

Regardless of whether the data resides in Adabas or other files, you will certainly have to coordinate with other departments to gain access. They can probably recommend the best way to access their files.