Natural Download and Upload


The mainframe application in consideration supports data download and upload functionality presently using Entire Connection.

The download and upload functionality on ApplinX web application does not work as mainframe - below is the observation:

  1. Download functionality generates CSV with extra double quotes (Firefox 3 used). Attached has the following files:
    a> EntireConnectionb_Download.csv (using Entire Connection)
    b> ApplinX_Natural_Download.csv (using ApplinX Web Application)

  2. Upload functionality does not prompt for option to select file to be uploaded - rather it errors off
    a> Upload_Mainframe.doc (using Entire Connection)
    b> Upload_ApplinX_Natural.doc (using ApplinX Web Application)

Note: ApplinX Version: 8.0.1

Please suggest resolution on the above.

Thanks in advance (450 KB)

Aki, it seems to be a bug. It will be fixed in the future versions

Hi Tanya,

Is there a workaround to this ? Is this fix defined for release in the immediate future ? Also, is there hot fix mechanism to get this resolved ?


it is being taken care of in the support system. We are working on it now.
There is no workaround.