Natural CALLNAT and Reliable RPC

Hi all:
How can I use Reliable RPC from a Natural client program using CALLNAT.
I mean: I want to make:


All the services will have only input parameters.

Hi Hernan,

please see the documentation at

Thank you very much for your help!!
I have another question that appeared now.
Is it possible to send a message greater than 80A (the size of the p-message parameter) for USR6304N (or the other USR* programs)?

The user programs USR6304N and USR6305N are only used to set the “mode” of Reliable RPC (auto-commit vs. client-commit) and to do the commit/rollback in case of client-commit. p-message is an output parameter and contains the error text (in case the return code is not 0).

The application message itself is sent with a standard callnat.