Natural calling a Cobol/DB2 program

I´m want to make a Natural program call a Cobol program, but this Cobol program has a DB2 access.
And I´m getting an error AD2L.

So… Is it possible to make this thing?
Natural/DB2 can do this, but I´m using a Natural/Adabas trying to make a call to a Cobol/DB2 program.


An AD2L abend means

The CICS-DB2 attachment facility failed to link to a dynamic plan exit program because the program could not be loaded.

Yeah, I know this. :slight_smile:
This is the problem.
In a Natural/DB2 install, I can use it normally.
But in a Natural/Adabas, the Cobol program can´t access DB2. The Cobol/DB2 program has a plan/pkg/bind.

Has the DB2 interface been set up in this CICS? From what I remember, there are some quirks with DB2 access under CICS.

Or, another way of addressing the issue, can a non-Natural program running in this same CICS access the same DB2 subsystem? My thinking is that if you can get this working, then there shouldn’t be an issue with your Nat/DB2->COBOL scenario.


the message description also says

See the associated DFHDB2058 transient data message to determine the name of the dynamic plan exit program involved.
 Ensure that the dynamic plan exit program has been correctly defined and is in a load library accessible to CICS

Did you follow this and check which plan exit program cannot be loaded ?