Natural calling remote cobol program

Hi Guys

I am having an issue when calling a cics cobol program by a natural program. The difference is that there is a program being called
in the call tree that runs in other remote cics.

I am getting a term error when calling the remote cobol program.

At CEDF and CEDX it seems natural is trying to run the remote program locally at original cics.

The sequence of calls is the below
Natural program (cics 1)–> Cobol cics program(Cics 1) → Cobol cics program (remote program running at another Cics 2)

Does someone already have faced this issue? If so please inform how to solve it.

Best regards and happy new year!

this looks like a COBOL to COBOL issue? Have you verified that you can do the remote call successfully when calling the COBOL program from COBOL without Natural involved?

What error are you getting?

IBM docs mention: (when using EXEC CICS LINK) -
"The linked subprogram must be defined using RDO. If the linked subprogram is unknown or unavailable, even though autoinstall is active, the LINK fails with the PGMIDERR condition. "

AFAIK - programs to be called remotely have to been defined to RDO so CICS knows where to send the call. Has that been done?

Yes Douglas! Subprogram was defined as remote at cics table. This issue just happens when the caller program is a natural program and do not a cobol. I have an idea changing the exec cics link to start transid with sysid clause and it seems to be working fine now. Thank you anyway for trying to help!