Calling COBOL-DB2 program from Natural

I am completely new to natural. I have to write a natural program, which will call a COBOL DB2 program to fetch values from DB2 tables. Can anyone help me with the following questions:

1.I came to know that a DB2 DBRM can not be linked directly to Natural nucleaus. Is it true?

  1. If natural program has to get values from DB2 table, a COBOL DB2 program should be written and used as a stored procedure and called inside the natural program. Is it correct?

  2. If I have to call a DB2 stored procedure in a natural program, is it eseential that DB2 should be installed in my natural?

  1. Yes, but that’s not how a DBRM works anyway.
  2. No
  3. Yes

More information here

Thanks a lot for the reply.

So if I want to access db2 data from natural program, is there a way it can be done without installing db2 in natural? Through a cobol db2 program or through any other way?

Yes, you can call a COBOL/DB2 program. The COBOL program should be dynamically loaded (rather than linking statically to the nucleus) - the DBRM can be linked to the COBOL program or (usually preferable) again dynamically loaded.