Unable to access DB2 from Natural

I run into this problem trying to connect DB2 710. Can any one suggest me what could be the problem. The interface used is DSNELI in TSO environment.

This is the messages I get :
NAT3700 Error -927 with SQLSTATE 51006 from call to DB2

This usually indicates you don’t actually have DSNELI / DSNALI linked to your Natural nucleus.

DSNELI is already included in the batch and TSO nucleus link edits. Did you mean the shared nucleus?. We will replace DSNELI with DSNALI and run the jobs for batch and tso environments and see what happens!.

Just to make sure the following included are correctly places NATOS is used for batch and NATTSO for TSO. Some of the job have only one specified I changed but wanted tmake sure.

When DSNELI was includes in the link edit it worked.

Thank you,