Natural call VB COM object

Is this possible to call a method from a handle of object variable which has the object value returned from calling a method of another VB COM object ?

I could possibly give you a hint, but could you first please explain what you are planning to do in a few more sentences and more detail?
Regards, +o:-]

Yes. Regards, +o:-]

Is very easy, you don’t need a RPC,

I have VB that send email,

0250 /*
0260 /* Instance or creates the Class (dll): sag2.send_email - (SAG_email.DLL)
0270 /*
0290 Create Object #Message Of Class "sag2.send_email"
0310 /*
0320 /* The Method invokes MENSAJE of the class 
0330 /*
0350 Send "mensaje" to #Message with
0360   #Sendmail-To
0370   #Sendmail-From
0380   #Sendmail-Subject
0390   #Sendmail-Body
0400   #Sendmail-Attach-Path
0410   #Sendmail-smtp
0420   #Sendmail-retorno
0430   Giving #Error