NATRPC server communicating with multipe SVCs.

We use the following in EntireX Broker attribute file for Broker.
As our ADABAS nuclues (Read/Write) is initialized with SVC=232
But, this does not allow the NATURAL batch to communicate with Broker + SAF Server with any other SVC.
Because when we activate the Natural-SAF, we need to put this SERVER-ID, which is the SAF SERVER target id (NODE=51).
When we start the Natural RPC server with SVC=228 in the ADARUN for the READ-ONLY database. We get the following error message and RPC server is not initialized.


How can we build a communication with multiple SVCs?

Because we use Read/Write ADABAS with SVC=232 + Read-Only ADABAS with SVC=228

Further now i have installed (for initialization only), the new ADABAS-8.1.2 with SVC=238

So, in future during migration, with Natural SAF, how can this issue be resolved?

During the installation of SAF Security Daemon, if it needs to be used for NATURAL-SAF or ENTIREX-Security, then the SAF Security Daemon runs in its own address space, using Adabas modules to establish inter-process communication. It signs on to the Adabas SVC as a target and is therefore accessible in the same way as an Adabas database.

So, in the Daemon Configuration parameter, the parm “SVC” defines which SVC number is to be used. Here we need to specify our Adabas SVC, otherwise default value is 0. Here we go again, with the limitations of SVC communication, inspite of having TCPIP (“C” stub) between Natural-RPC and EntireX Broker.

It appears that consequently, the SAF Security Daemon (and its Kernel) can be accessed remotely, via Entire Net-Work. This implies additional budget for another add-on SAG product. OR deactivate the Natural-SAF.