using multiple Adabas SVC's with Natural under CICS

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I have a customer evaluating CICS with Software AG products Adabas and Natural. Now I got the question ‘how to setup and use multiple Adabas SVC’s under CICS in conjunction with Natural under CICS’.
Before re-inventing the wheel I like to ask, if we have already a ‘cookbook’ out for this issue. But I am not
Talking about ‘installing mutliple Adabas SVC’s’. This is quite clear to the customer.

The point is the use of mutliple SVC’s under CICS. Compare to Complete this is not transparent. Under Complete we just can set a parameter.


  1. what are the requirements in terms of modules ‘adabas’, ‘adatrue’, …
  2. what are the requirements in terms of natural setup?

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You will probably have to create 2 ADABAS interface modules (default name is ADABAS). The SVC comes from the ADAGSET macro. So, you can create ADABAS (SVC 249, for example) and ADA250 (SVC 250). You will have to use different ADAGSET macros for each interface.

NATURAL has a parameter, ADANAME, that specifies the name of the ADABAS link routine. It can be specified in the NATPARM module and it can be supplied as a dynamic parameter.

Assuming that SVC 249 is your default SVC, to use SVC 250 you would simply start your NATURAL nucleus with ADANAME = ADA250.


This only works when you want to use databases on different SVCs alternatively, not when you need to access them concurrently.

If you want to communicate across two different SVCs within the same session the “Adabas Migration Tool” might help you.

For further information see chapter “INSTALLING AND USING THE ADABAS MIGRATION TOOL” in Adabas installation manual for z/OS.
There is no intro description so you have to read through the hole story to see to which degree it can help you.

Com-plete users got it much much easier :slight_smile: .

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final information:
the question is solved by using the setup for the adabas migration tool. for more infromation about this please have a look into the installation manual.
what have we done:
for each and every svc we have create a spearate ADAENAB module, ADATRUE module, ADALNK module and ADAGSET marco with the relevant settings. example:

  • ADAEN48, ADATR48, ADAL48 for SVC 248, ADAGSET macro
  • ADAEN49, ADATR49, ADAL49 for SVC 249, ADAGSET macro
    for all the modules the CICS table entries are created.
    then we have created the migration module ‘ADAMIGR’, which contains the following entries:

the Natural parm ADANAME shall point then to the migration module.
this allows you the access in the same natural sessions databases running under different SVC’s. but keep in mind, that the DBID still must be unique.,

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