Naming Convention for Existing Tamino Documents

Hello I have seen that existing Documents in Tamino (both XML and nonXML files) are named as
It could be possible to evaluate a different naming convection ?
For Examlple:

For XML Document : doctype_ino:id.xml

For nonXML files:
If filename attribute is available , use filename,
if it is not use doctype_ino:id.<content/type mime extension>

Lorenzo Alegnani

The Tamino WebDAV Server release version 2315 supports 3 different kinds of enabling:

1) Basic
The basic collection enabler, which is part of the repair tool, creates for each detected schema a directory (with similar name) and places all not yet WebDAV enabled resources under this directory. The naming convention is Document_ino:id.. The mapping between extension and mime type is configured in the file taminowebdavserver/web-inf/web.xml. If there is a huge amount of not WebDAV enabled resources located in a single schema, one of the following options should be chosen.
2) Balanced Tree
This enabler is available via the Tamino WebDAV Server console. It chooses the same naming conventions for resources, but creates additional directories in order to balance the amount of created resources per directory. This amount can be configured via a parameter. All resources are created in the leaf directories and the amount of directories per directory can be configured via a parameter too.
3) Custom defined
Here the administrator can implement his own naming convention and directory creation strategies. The Basic and the Balanced Tree WebDAV enabler are based on this API. Please refer to the documentation for more details. If there is interest we can publish the existing collection enabler via the community. The community would be a good lace, to publish more variations of sophisticated collection enablers.