Name space and dependent package issue


I have a question. This is the situation. I have two packages called “XYZ” and “ABC”. All my flow servcies are in “XYZ” while having document type references in “ABC”. Now I need to “XYZ” to another server. But while doing this I will lost all the document references. Can anybody suggest me , what to do?

Or can I change the record reference in flow.xml and flow.xml.bak.
<value name="rec_ref"></value>
Is this going to work?


Yes, it will work.

Is there a reason you can’t just copy the ABC package too? I assume that the services and document types were placed into separate packages for reusability and maintenance purposes.

It depends upon what you plan to change those references to. What’s your plan?

Hi Rob,

Actually both the packages were created by me only. But the packages which contains documents has not following my companys naming conventions.

I have copied the folder which contains dcouments to my new package. In the new package,
In flow.xml and flow.xml.bak in the rec_ref, I want to paste the path to documents in the new package ( basically , in pipeline , it will show , the document not found, to get rid of that)

change: ABC.doc:systemDT

This is the situation??


Hi Kris,

Here are the steps to do it correctly without changing the flow.xml manually:

Whenever you want to change any package structure (e.g. folder and subfolder name etc.), start the Developer and create the new Package with the desired folder/subfolder name and drag and drop the elements (flow, java, document, schema…) from the existing package to the new package. Each time you do this this, webMethods will prompt you whether you want to update the refrence. Click on “Update Usage” and Developer will change them for you.


This is a known issue with IS / Developer 6.1. When you move your documents refences to some other folder/package, and you also update the changes to the references when wM Developer prompts you. The actual refrences are not updated. There’s no fix right now available but I have heard that they are working on it.

The workaround is that you manually update the references in the flow.xml.

Net Civilian


I have been using this update “Usageall” with documentReferences,i have not came accross the issue tried with EDI/FF,XML doctypes…After updating the references just refresh the your developer session to make into effect.Try this it should work.

May be the issues exists for Developer tool as Net Civilian metioned,but i have not come across though.