MyWebMethods server connection problem

I got an error that is, I am not able to connect to MyWebMethods Server. I have attached the MyWebMethods server file also. Please check.

Software AG My webMethods Server (default).txt (847.1 KB)

We need more information then logs.

Did you do anything prior to this error (like installing fixes/new component etc.) ?

What did you try so far to fix the problem? There are lots of exceptions in the log file. Did you try resolving them first? Did you review the log file?

The log file you have sent looks like its wrapper log. MWS internal log is a different file. It’s located in mws instance directory and its name is __full__.log. Please attach that file as well.

How are you trying to connect and what is the error you get? Are you trying to connect through webservices or from the admin UI?

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