myWebMethods interface

This is a UI question I accidentally clicked one of the buttons on the right side of the panel (step information) and it changed (used to be split screen) were there is a close/refresh buttons. can you please tell me how to reset the default UI settings.

I mean this window it used to be two split windows. clicked on the options and tried restoring but it keeps saying processing and nothing happens.

Thanks in advance


please provide your wM version.

Did you try to click on the object directly above of the three icons on the blue “Step Information” line?


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Build Date: 2018-08-31

Yes, I tried and nothing happens when I’m on this window.

It should reset after closing and then reopening related tab. Split view buttons are usually at top right corner in corresponding sub modules.

Try using 3 options on top right.

tried these many times, they are no help and stuck on processing.

under those 3 options > click on properties > go into general tab >> under display (Full page view: Default and Portlet view: Default)

Try this once