MySQL compatiblity ?

Could I map MySQL tables with Tamino ?
And if not, what are the RDBMS supported by Tamino ?

I defined my ODBC data source as a system DSN, but I still have a “Cannot get connection or tables” error when using the ODBC Wizard in the Schema Editor.


No unfortunately MySQL is not supported. The list of supported RDBMS via ODBC sources is different for each operating system and regardless the list of RDBMS sources via ODBC is limited by your Tamino license. The alternative is to use server extensions and develop some code to access MySQL.
What OS are you running?

Thanks Stuart.

My current OS is Windows 2000, but I need to run on Linux too.

I have to update some data very often, and I think that a RDBMS is more effective than XML DB to do this task.

I will find another solution.


Hi Sollan, you can update Mysql, or read via sever extension. I have an example that read one table of Mysql and get the xml response via server extension.
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