MWS Task ENGINE Password Test after update

Hi Team,

Recently I Updated the MWS Task Engine user password in MWS>Users and IS>users as well. We also updated the same password in MWS Task Engine page as well. However, for some reason the updated password in MWS Task Engine password not updated property. After one week QA team came back saying the submitted transactions not showing in MWS, We found that MWS task Engine password Not updated correctly.

So now to overcome this type of issue again, is there a way to test MWS Task Engine password is correctly working or not, before hand overing the server to testing team.

Like any API or any Build in service to test or any manual way to test the MWS Task Engine password.

Hi Kiran,

which version of wM are you running on?
Did you update the the password in the WmTaskClient package accordingly?
Probably you want to try to execute the Tasks on the WmTaskEngine package on IS instead of running them on the MWS TaskEngine.


HI Holger,

I am Using webMethods 10.7 version.

Yes, the password for WmTaskClient updated with correct password on IS and its working.

So now, workflow that the requestors they have submitted requests that are not coming into our queue. The reason is WmTaskClinet password in MWS updated with wrong password. We updated the MWS Task Engine Password with correct password and now the task was coming into que.

Now how can we check the MWS Task Engine password either with any API or any Built in Service in 10.7 version.

After changing the password, why don’t you try to execute getTask or some Task API from all your IS instances to make sure updated passwords are working? Often times, there will be more number of IS instances (process engine cluster) and when you miss it to update in one instance, you will never know it unless when a call originates from this specific instance which has old password to the Task engine.

  • IS instances via WmTaskClient package
  • MWS instances via MWS UI

Make sure in UI’s you logout and try logging in again as the active sessions might continue to work with the already established connection.

There is no direct service available which will take password as input and returns back as its a right one.

Hi Senthil,

Thanks for your response.

I am using wm.task.wmopentask:_get However, I am seeing that authorization exception.
In IS WmtaskClinet is set with correct suer and latest password.

In MWS the Task Engine is set like below with latest password.

But When I run the get service I am getting below error, not sure what i am missing here.

Before running any task API as a prerequisite what all are I need to update or verify before testing any WmTaskClient services.


does the TaskEngine user specified in WmTaskClient package config have the proper privileges/permissions on MWS to run the TaskEngine API there?


Hi Holger,

Yes, the User set in WmTaskclient pacakge config is SG001_TaskEngineAdministrator the same user is also set in MWS with Below roles, It includes MWS_ADMIN Role as well.

Please let me know If I can recheck any permission to make sure all the permission set correctly or not.

Hi Kiran,

after logging in as Administrator look for an entry "Permissions Management in the left navigation panel.
In this section you will find 2 parts (selectable via ListBox fiield), internal MWS permissions and the permissions for each TaskEngine Task.

Unfortunately, I do not have a running enviroment available to provide you with more detailed informations.

See MWS Administrators Guide and TaskEngine Administrators Guide for details.