MwS resubmit in doubt documents

Using MwS portal -Integration Monitoring-Documents-resubmit
Document type is In Doubt-While resubmitting, In server log we can see resubmitted document details with time stamp also end of the document details we find out this error -

SP.0090.0003W-processOCRResponse from TW SOAP Call: 0
SOAP Fault code (if any): %SOAP-FAULT/faultcode% , soapStatus: %soapStatus%
SOAP Fault detail: %SOAP-FAULT/faultstring%

We wants to know this document resubmitted or not? In error log we didn’t see any error. The above error related to resubmit issue. please some one help me out. Why this error getting while resubmitting document.

Thanks for your kind help