MWS resubmission issue


When I did the resubmission in MWS, seeing the below error in MWS:

“[POP.012.9002.wm_mon_service_details] Remote Exception caught: electric.util.WrappedException: SOAPException( Client: [ISS.0088.9134] Exception occurred while processing the body of the message )”

What could be the reason. Please your thoughts…

BTW, when I did the edit pipeline its not saving. Why it is?


Hi All,

After creating the server alias name, this issue got resolved

“[POP.012.9002.wm_mon_service_details] Remote Exception caught: electric.util.WrappedException”

But still i have this issue… unable to see the new value, even then I set the new value in pipeline & save.


Hi Sam,

I facing the same issue now. Can you plz share your experience on how you could resolve it.
I really appreciate your help in this regard.

Hi Reddy,

Create alias for MWS in IS admin. This will solve your issue.


HI Sam,

we had the alias created in IS Admin, but the port in MWS/system settings was wrong. we had both http and https port and i was using http port. once i changed it to https port, the issue is resolved and now I am able to resubmit documents.

Thanks for the guidance …


Thanks to give the good resolution I am using WM713 verson i was bit confused that where would have to create alias can u tell us the step by step.


Hi Rahul, you have to open the IS administrator, go to Settings>JDBC Pools
create a new Pool Alias Definition with your DB parameters (obviously must be the same DB that you configured in MWS and Designer) and then associate all Functional Alias Definitions with the new Pool.
I hope this solve your problem.