MWS ldap directory service issue

I configured ldap directory service in MWS7 SP2, the ldap users are able to login to MWS but getting only the default home page. The issue is that i am not able to find ldap groups in MWS so i cannot assign role to the groups.Since i am unable to assign roles to ldap groups, the users who belong to the group can see only default MWS home page without Administration and monitoring. Please let me know if anyone has ever faced this issue or if you know the solution.

Hi Jim,

Could you help me how to set up LDAP settings in MWS 7.x I tried but failed to setup. I am able to do it in IS 7.x but not in MWS 7.x There are so many fields to be filled.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jim,

You are using the ldap access to login in MWS using SSO?



I create a role of type “Ldap query role provider” and associate my ldap directory service.
In the manage start page rules and in my rule name, i define the condition to accepted my role ldap. And that way my users gos to the start page of my application.