MWS is not capturing the failed services

Hello Everyone,

MWS is not capturing the failed data after updating outbound master password and we restarted the IS and MWS for couple of times.Can any one please suggest me and give me information why it is happening like this. As we are not getting failed services in
Applications–>Integration–>Services hence we are not able to resubmit the those services.


Hi Sunil ,

Are you able to see those failed services in the service log of the corresponding integration servers ?

Is the MWS connected successfully to the Integration servers ?

Have you changed Administrator password also ?

are you seeing any errors in the MWS or IS logs ?

What is your IS and MWS version ?

Hi Rakesh,

We are using 8.2 version of IS and MWS.
I am getting failed services in IS.
Yes MWS is connected to IS.
We haven’t changed the password for MWS.
I am getting errors in IS server log.

Please help…


Hi Sunil,

Did you check MWS log? Any error you are getting there?

Can you reproduce the issue and attach the MWS and IS log file?

Also pls validate IS server in MWS once.

Hi Yogesh,

I am not getting any error logs in MWS after I have restart IS and MWS but in IS I am getting error logs.


What is the error message you are getting?

In IS–>Logs–>Error I got the below failed service

2017-03-05 05:00:00 GMT ControlServices.CONQFiles.Services:getxoServeCONQFilesFF

Where as I am not getting these failed service in MWS–> Applications–>Integration–>Services.



What are the audit settings you have in that service?

Which JDBC Pools do have configured?

Do you see any info on the IS->logs->services ?

Best Regards,

Hi Gerardo,

From service perspective every thing seems fine because we haven’t changed any properties for the services as they are working fine before. And I am able see the services logs in IS however these failed services are not appearing in MWS services logs. And we are using DataDirect Connect JDBC Oracle Driver as a JDBC pool.

This problem is occurred after we have changed our outbound master password and after we have restarted IS once again.


Do you have Server log at that time when server was restarted after changing outbound master password ?
If yes then please attach the log here.


Can you find the error in the wmservice log table ? If so, then please re run the database configuration scripts and check.


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