MWS & HTTPS Configuration not working.

Hello All,

I am experiencing a weird issue with MWS and HTTPS configuration.
I configured HTTPS port for MWS and all the configurations required, when i browse MWS from chrome it does work fine, however MWS is not accessible from IE and firefox.

Procedure i followed

  1. Received SSL certificate from internal CA(.der format).
  2. Created Truststore(.jks) and imported SSL certificate (.der file) into it.
  3. Created Keystore(.p12) with new key pair.
  4. Updated MWS custom_wrapper.conf to use the new files.
  5. Updated the https port in MWS (Administrator => Cluster Settings)
  6. Restarted the MWS server

after above all steps when i browse the MWS url it did gave me certificate error, i extracted public key(.cer format) from private key created in step 3 and imported that it into my browser Trusted Root Certificate Authorities then that solved the problem with chrome,
However i am still having issues with IE and Firefox.

Can you please let me know if there is something i am doing wrong.


what error did you get ? and which wM version you are using ? Please share more details.


I am using version 9.9, error is address incorrect though the i am giving correct address
and as i mentioned earlier same address working fine in chrome.

Better, try to use latest browsers to see any change … At present I don’t have any thought.



please update MWS/bin/ or .bat accordingliy.

Restart MWS.


Hi Holger,

can you please elaborate on what to update on


Hi Sreeni,

my fault. Sorry.

I meant MWS/server//bin/
Section “SSL options”.


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Thanks a lot, Holger! Finally it works. Yet one more time you proved the documentation to be wrong.

Best regards,