MWS failed to start after WM 10.1 free trail

Hello There,

I recently installed WM 10.1 free trail. My installation went through successfully. I can start Integration server and i can connect to IS Admin console, i can connect to IS even through designer. but having problem with MWS. MWS is installed with Embedded DB connection.
Whenever i start MWS service, after few seconds service is automatically shutting down.
and even i am not able to connect to MWS Console also.
Can some one please share some troubleshooting guide to resolve this issue.


Hi Praveen,

please check under MWS/server/default/logs for full.log and provide us the error messages.

Additionally check for the profiles/MWS_default/logs/wrapper.log if there are error messages.


Hi Holger,

Please find the attachments.

full.log|attachment (172 KB)
wrapper.log (2.15 MB)