MultiSelect Picklist Field Not Present in the Layout Rules IF condition Dropdown

Hi Team,

Is there a way we can use the multi-select picklist field in the layout rules to create the layout rule for it ?

As far as I can see, a field in the application is a multi-select picklist and based on which i have to show or hide a field. I am not able to create a layout rule for it to show/hide the field. So can we do that with a workaround or a piece of code ??

Please suggest.

Thanks and Regards,
Syed Atef

Yes Atef, We are not supporting multi select picklist in the layout rules if condition. May I know what is the usecase?

Hi Mounika,

I want to be able to show/hide a field based on the value. Is it possible ?? Please let me know the workaround if it isnt possible.

Thanks !!

Hi Atef,

As a workaround, you would be able to get the value of the multi select picklist using getMultiPickListSelectedValue(_sdForm, ‘field’) in the formscript. Based on the value you can show/hide the fields using html selectors.

DOM manipulation is not recommended as the selectors may change from our side without noticing when we are releasing the patches. You need to check thoroughly when environment is upgraded to newer versions.

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