Multiple TN partners share same delivery - possible?


I have following scenario and wonder how to set it up in TN.
Maybe one of you has faced this in the past and found a solution.

I have Partner A and Partner B with whom I do business and exchange X12 documents.

Both partners have outsourced their EDIINT AS2 gateway to Company X.

Now when I create a profile for Company X and give it the proper EDIINT AS2 external id when receiving a X12 envelope from Partner A it’s nicely recognized in a way that I’ll have a EDIINT doc from Company X and X12 Envelope from Partner A.
Same works for Partner B obviously.

But now: HOW do I configure the delivery methods for Partner A and B so that outbound X12 Envelopes created in my WM for those guys get AS2’d to Company X?

Any ideas appreciated.


So you are saying Partner A,B outbound X12 transactions goes to one destination company X?..Also are the delivery methods different for Partner A and B why is that since they should go same destination right?..

Can you clarify above or missing some thing here:


Some companies who did use VAN communication before moved to AS2 instead but did not go with buying an AS2 capable software (like webMethods :D) but outsourced it to a company like X instead. So actually X has the AS2 software and exchanges the EDIINT with us and the X12 documents with Partner A. Now if there would be only partner A we could just put the AS2 ID + URL to Partner A profile. BUT now we have Partner B also who chose company X as well. Now I have the same URL (that would be fine) but also the same AS2 ID which I can’t assign to Partner B as it’s used for Partner A already. Now the idea is to introduce Company X profile instead but how do I configure to deliver a document for Partner A (or B) to (respectively via) company X.

We do have similar setup situation and what you can do is don’t define any delivery method in the Partner A,B profiles and in the company X profile set the AS2ID and then create a outbound rule with receivers (partner A, partner B) and invoke custom AS2 send service which calls EDIINT:send set explicitly the company X AS2 ID ( in the receiverID/id) this will take care of receiving end and work as expected.

Is this work for you?


Thanks, but we have implemented a slightly different custom solution already. I was looking for a out-of-box configuration possibility as when we migrate to 8.2.2 we want to de-customize as much as possible. In the PARTNER table there is a field parentpartnerid and I was hoping one can utilize that somehow?

I am not sure that will help in this regards and what you have is one of the best solution and work around…It’s not a bad design though.